New Arrivals
Latest design is our straight and Compatible with the latest trends. Our Designers are well professionals and does excellent design which is known one kind of Jewellery.


About "India Silver Jewels"

We have handmade as well as casting silver jewellery made by very experienced silversmith.

Creating the finished jewelry involves many steps such as building a silver bezel that follows the shape of the gemstone, assembly of the silver frame, pre-polishing, setting the gemstones, final polishing etc. During each step the jewelry is inspected for quality control to minimize any flaws or defects. We are using, free form shaped as well as calibrated coloured gemstones jewelry and the pictured jewelry piece in our online collection is the exact same jewelry piece that we are sending out to you.

Our Company deals in all aspects of the Silver Jewellery with Stone including precious and semi-precious stones. We manufacture Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces & One of kind jewellery in India and exporting accordingly to customer requirement.

Our emphasis is on delivering superior quality products, competitive rates and on-schedule delivery. Part of this loyalty also seems from the fact that we do not compromise quality of our products. It is on these foundations of trust and loyalty that needlecrafts would like to build its future business with you. In our Endeavour to reach out all over the world we have been successfully contributing new designs and quality products. In a renewed effort to serve our buyers better, and they can now order through the Internet. We invite you to view and select from the range of current masterpieces in silver jewellery studded with precious and semi precious stone made of high quality material, these beaded necklaces define our commitment to serve you.